Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare Patient Unit Renovations
Athens, Ohio

The project consisted of the renovation to four patient units in this two-story restricted and secure residential psychiatric hospital (Occupancy Group I-2, NFPA Health Care Occupancy, Limited Care Facility).  The facility operates on a 24/7, 365-day per year schedule, and the project was phased to renovate one unit at a time.

The work in each unit included the following:

  • Two patient bedrooms constructed in the former group area and lounge.  These rooms were renovated into a single occupant bedrooms with private bathrooms on the first floor, and double occupant bedrooms with bathrooms on the second floor.
  • Demolition of a conference room to provide an open tv viewing / lounge area.
  • Conversion of open Group Area into a tv viewing / lounge area.
  • Renovation of two offices and a lounge into a group/music listening room and a conference room.
  • Renovation of two consultation rooms to create one group room.
  • Complete renovation of the existing nurse station to add separate rooms for Nourishment, Charting, Medication Dispensing, and Nurse Counter.  The renovation included extension of the building into an exterior courtyard (approximately 100 sq. ft. of added space per unit).
  • Relocated existing door to laundry room to eliminate a blind spot where patients can hide.
  • Replaced plumbing fixtures in patient restrooms with new ligature-resistant fixtures.

The HVAC design included replacement of air terminal units serving spaces directly modified by the project. All new and renovated areas received new air devices with air quantities in compliance with current code.  Existing air handlers and refrigerant condensing units were reused and the existing Siemens Temperature Control System remained. New air terminal units were equipped with DDC controls and were connected to the existing DDC system.

Electrical work included modifications to existing electrical systems as required to serve the new and remodeled rooms.  A limited number of security cameras were specified to monitor any public areas not directly visible from the new nurse stations. Also included was the design of data network outlets and closed circuit television with supplemental audio system throughout the renovated area.