Kaiser Permanente
various locations in Mid-Atlantic Region

Kaiser Permanente is one of Tec's long-standing clients. We have completed more the 300 projects over 20 years at various locations in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Completed projects range from doctor's tenant space fit-outs to full emergency department facilities. The following are a few selected Kaiser Permanenete projects.

The Kaiser Medical Center is an emergency department and ambulatory surgery facility located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. Engineering and lighting design services for a major emergency department addition were completed by Tec Inc. The project consists of a 25,700 SF per floor, two story building that is attached to a Medical Office Building. The first floor was divided into a 15,000 SF Emergency Department (ED) and the remaining 10,700 SF is Observation and Treatment area (23 hour care). The second floor is another 25,000 SF that is shell space for an Ambulatory Surgery Center. 

The Emergency Department is designed as a Hospital type environment with two Large Trauma Rooms, three Major Treatment Rooms, a CT room, an X-ray and an Ultrasound Room. There are 10 treatment rooms that provide care for direct supervision by the Emergency Department staff. There are many support rooms such as triage, decontamination room and a negative pressure isolation room. 

As an overflow area the, Observation area or Clinical Decision Unit Patient Care Area (CDU), provides additional space for the staff to assess patient needs. The 24 bed Observation room provides capacity to allow patients to be under the medical care and determine if they should be released or transferred to a local hospital.

Both the Emergency Department and CDU have core area of a nurses station surrounded by patient rooms. The support areas for each unit include clean and soiled utility, doctor’s offices and nourishment stations located adjacent to the core.

Kaiser Sterling Pharmacy Distribution Center in Reston, Virginia: This state of the art 50,000 SF automated prescription processing and filling facility was developed in the shell of an existing office/warehouse complex. The design project was successfully completed utilizing an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) model. The involvement of the entire owner,design and construction teams on a weekly basis allowed this $4M project to be completed well within the anticipated design schedule with the assurance the computer automated  AutoMed OptiFill  utility requirements are met. 

Medical Office Buildings in Falls Church and Kensington, Virginia: Tec Inc. completed an infrastructure assessment for Kaiser Kensington, Virginia and Kaiser Falls Church, Virginia medical office buildings. The next phase is to complete the working drawings for the proposed improvements to the mechanical and electrical systems. Kensington is ultimately looking to add surgical capabilities to the facility, Falls church will have neurology and sleep disorder treatment.

Regional Laboratory in Rockville, Maryland: Tec Inc. completed engineering services for a new construction processing laboratory for the Kaiser Mid-Atlantic Region.  This 2-story, 44,000 square foot laboratory is equipped to conduct numerous medical tests, including toxicology, immunohematology, immunochemistry, automated chemistry, hematology, and coagulation.

The facility features custom-built equipment that utilizes rule-based artificial intelligence to automatically analyze results of routine tests and determine whether further analysis, known as reflex testing, is necessary.

Tec provided the electrical, mechanical and plumbing engineering following the standards set forth by Kaiser Permanente.  The facility features an 80kW UPS backup system that provides 72 hours of emergency power.

USP 797 Pharmacies at Shady Grove, MD; Woodlawn, MD; Largo, MD; Burke, VA:  Each of these existing facilities required an upgrade to the pharmacy to meet USP 797 regulations for sterile preparation of pharmaceutical compounding. The mechanical and electrical infrastructure required extensive updating for compliance. The renovation was to take place while keeping the remainder of the facility in operation, requiring careful consideration of the impact any changes may have on adjoining spaces.