Northern Ohio Regional Cancer Center
Brook Park, Ohio

The Westside Imaging facility was renovated to completely upgrade the linear accelerators and to provide separation of the building tenants. The new tenant required a dedicated entrance and waiting area as well as renovation of the office space to provide the services for a linear accelerator. 

The building services were inadequate to support the two accelerators. Proper transformer capacity was obtained through modifications to the electrical system.  

The cooling systems were also upgraded with dedicated chiller systems for each accelerator. A city water line was added as a backup cooling system with automatic sensing and valves, avoiding manual involvement. The HVAC system utilized the existing HVAC equipment on the roof but supplemented key areas with split systems.

The project was phased to bring on the first accelerator in late 2007 with the second unit to brought on at a later date. The operation was very successful and the second unit was replaced in early 2008, at least one year ahead of the anticipated need.