St. John's Medical Center
Cleveland, Ohio

Pain Management

Tec completed electrical engineering for the renovation of more than 4,000 square feet of medical office space adjacent to the existing hospital. The renovation included new Procedure Rooms, Pre-op Beds, Exam Rooms, Offices and Support spaces.  This project required complete upgrades to systems for lighting, Power, Nurse Call, IT/Telephone, Generator, and Fire Alarm.  

The electrical service and distribution was extended from the existing electrical service. Presently there is limited availability to provide emergency power from the hospitals existing emergency generators and a new generator and distribution is planned.

Women's Health Center

Women’s Health First Floor project was a conversion of the Emergency Department area to serve as new Women’s Health Center.  

The department had been using the space as is but the configuration and finishes were not adequate for the planned expansion.  The department was purchasing two ultrasound machines, Sterotatic and other imaging equipment.  The old ER exam rooms were too small and there were not proper changing and waiting areas.  

The project incorporated additional space by building out the canopy areas for the ambulance doors and the pedestrian main entry.  The total area is over 5,000 square feet and the new waiting and connecting corridors will be integrated into a future Lobby/Entry renovation.  This major renovation provided an updated Steriotactic Room, expanded Waiting/Reception, Bone Density Room, Offices and Support spaces.