Lakewood Hospital Renovations
Lakewood, Ohio

Tec Inc. has an ongoing relationship with Lakewood Hospital that has lasted more than 15 years. Projects for the hospital include engineering services for renovations to the main lobby & vestibule, patient rooms, catheterization suite, coronary care unit and the serving line as well as major infrastructure improvements.

The Coronary Care Unit (CCU) and neighboring Intensive Care Unit (ICU) renovations included technological and comfort upgrades to the units. Other renovated areas also include Intensivist office and Neuro Integrated Care Unit entrance. The ultimate goal of the project was to improve the overall efficiency in patient care while allowing for smoother workflow processes for physicians and hospital staff. 

The CCU and ICU feature the most advanced technological upgrades available; enhanced, full-service patient rooms and an increased workspace for physicians and staff to work more efficiently. This state-of-the-art facility features an open floor plan where doctors and nurses have greater visibility of patient rooms. Advanced lighting controls on the floor and in the patient rooms allows for specialized task lighting. The patient rooms themselves have been dramatically improved. Not only do each of the rooms offer new beds, but each also features a desk area with data connectivity and computers to allow for electronic medical record charting, nurse call with integrated digital interactive TV and bed interface unit. Two isolation rooms are also equipped with HVAC controls and negative pressure monitoring.

The Emergency Room renovations included construction documents and services for the ER, Cath Lab revision, Outdoor Decontamination, a new Patient Information System, Pneumatic Tube Information System, and Tele/Data Room.

The Servery included electrical and mechanical engineering coordinated with the food service vendor providing the kitchen equipment. Provisions were made for all connections, exhaust, and ventilation of equipment for the full-service kitchen.


Emergency Electrical Distribution Upgrade included field work and electrical engineering for the replacement of the automatic transfer switches and emergency distribution equipment within the Lakewood Hospital. This project separated the normal power from the critical power and provided a code compliant emergency distribution system throughout the hospital.  One major aspect of this project was the cut-over sequence which was generated by our office to orchestrate construction tasks in sequential order minimizing power disruptions to critical hospital systems.

Emergency Generator Replacement - Tec completed the installation of three new 1,000 KVA outdoor generators with paralleling switchgear, fuel transfer system and specialized low sound reducing enclosures.  Plans were for the generators to be installed on the hospital property near a residential neighborhood. A sound study was conducted to predict the amount of noise when the generators were running.  We coordinated the cut-over of the new generators and removal of the existing generators and feeders without loss of power to critical hospital operations.  This was a very successful project for the hospital and there were no complaints from neighbors from the generator operating noise levels. 

Click here to read a Case Study for the Emergency Generator Replacement

Air-Handling Unit Replacement included engineering for the downsizing and repurposing of an existing air-handling unit and the installation of an additional 28,000 CFM  air-handling unit. The project adds needed capacity to the system and more efficient use of the resources. All construction installation was completed without significant impact to the day to day operations of the hospital and the surgical suite.

Chiller Replacement - To meet the scheduled time frame for completion of this complex Hospital Chilled Water System improvement Tec was responsible to prepare a Chiller Pre Purchase Bid package, allowing the Hospital to order and purchase the long lead time 1000 ton chiller’s well in advance of Construction Document completion. Although the chillers, chilled water pumps and some of the chilled water piping were being replaced Tec needed to develop a design that minimized the impact to daily hospital operations. The thoughtful design, developed in concert with facilities staff input, and strict scheduling of the project construction is complete on this $3M infrastructure improvement with minimal impact on the 24/7 nature of hospital operations. 

HVAC Evaluation and Documentation - Tec Inc. completed an extensive survey and analysis of the hospitals HVAC equipment and chilled water system. Every air handling unit was surveyed and documented, noting age, manufacturer, model number, service history when available, and a determination of unit capacity. A thorough visual inspection led to an assessment of the equipment’s condition and operational longevity.  A visual inspection of the chilled water piping and connections was made in the vicinity of the air handling equipment to provide a general basis for the condition of the piping. 

 All information obtained was correlated and inputted along with appropriate photographs into equipment data sheets, for easy reference by maintenance staff. All information was tabulated and contained in a three ring notebook for staff reference and ease of updating. 

The review of this evaluation documentation with senior management and the Director of Maintenance has led to a second project to study and evaluate the condition of the hospital’s Central Plant, including the electrical infrastructure, chillers, and chilled water pumps and piping, heating boilers, and medical gases. This study is underway, with a very preliminary analysis completed determining the feasibility of a complete upgrade of the hospital’s infrastructure with a minimal impact to hospital operations, and minimal additional space requirements. 

Completed engineering for Lakewood Hospital’s Community Center for Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy is an out-patient building providing care during recovery from injuries. The facility houses 4 treatment rooms, 3 speech therapy rooms, 1 transfer room, 1 conference room, and shared therapists’ office. A large open area is designed for physical therapy exercise and contains additional therapy equipment.