Creating a Deeper Bench Strength of Expertise for Central Ohio Clients

Monks Engineers, now a Tec Inc. company, has extensive experience with mechanical and electrical systems in virtually all types of buildings solidifying their reputation as the engineer of choice for clients in higher education, industrial, and healthcare markets.  Clients include architectural firms, State of Ohio agencies, City of Columbus, Franklin County, many Universities—including The Ohio State University—industrial plants, churches, office buildings, hospitals, laboratories, and the Columbus Zoo.

Founded as W.E. Monks & Co. Engineers in 1960 by W.E. (Ed) Monks, the firm was later incorporated and sold to Edgar R. (Bob) Edwards in 1978. Bob was president for 22 years until transitioning ownership to Russ Edwards and Todd Miller. Since merging with Tec Inc. Russ, Todd, and Jon Alexander have transitioned into managing the engineering activities of the Columbus office and are now principals in Tec Inc. Engineering & Design.

Sustainability: Energy Efficiency and Building Ecology

Monks Engineers designs are focused energy efficiency and building ecology. Specializing in designing heating and cooling systems that tap the Earth’s inexhaustible supply of renewable energy through geothermal heat exchange while enhancing the quality of the indoor environment, they maximize air quality and lighting efficiency.  Our geothermal heat exchanger design for HVAC system and domestic water heating is the heart of many of our high performance buildings. Lighting controls harvest the available natural light in a space and reduce the energy used by the lighting fixtures while maintaining consistent footcandle levels. 

Members of U.S. Green Building Council, Monks implements their system of defining and measuring “green buildings.” Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) provides a benchmark to standardize which designs are truly sustainable and documents energy efficient systems.

Experienced in all aspects of the LEED certification process, our team of engineers and designers provides design for our clients which typically meet four of the seven prerequisites and 16 of the 26 points required for basic certification by addressing the plumbing, HVAC and electrical system designs. Monks participates in the process of integrated design; the key component to successful high-performance building designs.